As part of our ongoing commitment to technology integration at SWIS, the Grade 5 students have started to Podcast.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show. However, instead of being broadcast live, a podcast is recorded and then distributed over the Internet, so that you can listen to it whenever you please. There are thousands of podcasts available, ranging from general interest entertainment shows to those, which focus on specific topics (e.g. computers / music / education).

Our podcasts are available in the iTunes store by clicking this link.

To subscribe to our weekly Podcasts, click ‘View in iTunes' and then ‘Subscribe’. 

You will then receive our new episode each week in the iTunes store Podcast Section.

How do children benefit from making a podcast?

Podcasting gives students a potential audience of thousands for their work. It's great for developing literacy skills through writing and editing scripts, as well as setting up and conducting interviews. Podcasting allows children to develop and practice their speaking and listening skills. It enables them to develop some amazing ICT skills at the same time. Podcasts can be interactive, and the audience can be invited to send their comments, giving valuable feedback to the children about their work. I've found that making a podcast is also great for developing teamwork skills. The children always work really well together as they're keen to make a great show..

We are very excited about using Podcasts to showcase our classroom learning engagements with you. We hope you enjoy listening and we welcome any comments and feedback.

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