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Admissions Procedure

The application process begins with the successful submission of the online application form. Please ensure you read our Admissions Criteria .  

1.    Apply Online

All applications must come through Open Apply.

  • Parents to complete and submit online application form ( )
  • Parents to upload all required documents on Open Apply (refer to the application checklist)
  • Applicants will receive a generic email from Open Apply saying that the application has been completed after submitting the application.

2.    Document Check

  • Upon receiving the application, our Admissions officer will conduct document check. 
  • Further communication will be made by our Admissions officer directly to the applicant should there be problem with the application after documents check.

3.    Assessment

  • Successful applicant will receive an invitation letter, specifying details of the Assessment Day via Open Apply system, Email one weeks before the assessment day.

4.    Admissions Decisions

  • Decisions to be communicated with the applicant within 2 weeks after the assessment


1.    网上报名

  • 所有报名者需通过Open Apply系统提交报名申请。
  • 家长填写并提交网上报名表 ( )
  • 家长上传及提交报名表中所需的相关文件(请参考申请材料清单  )
  • 报名表提交成功后,家长将收到Open Apply系统发送的报名确认函,表明系统已收到您的申请

2.    报名资料审核

  • 招生办审核报名资料
  • 如提交资料不符合要求或不完整,招生办将联系家长提供相关资料

3.    入学考试

  • 资料审核通过后,即报名成功。 招生办在考试前1周通过邮件方式和报名系统向报名成功的家长发出考试邀请函

4.    录取结果

  • 录取结果于考试后10个工作日内电邮通知考生家长

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Admissions Procedure 

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