MYP Design

Design and development of technologies transforms how we access and process information, how we adapt to our environment, how we communicate, how we are able to solve problems and how we work and live. It links creativity to innovation by exploring the possibilities and constraints associated with products and systems. It redefines these products and systems through prototyping, experimentation and adaptation. Design is human-centered and focuses on the needs, wants and limitations of the end user.

In both of these compulsory subjects, students work with 4 key concepts: communication, communities, development and systems and follow a design cycle to design their end product. In the process students complete detailed research, communication of ideas, demonstration of technical skills and time management and an evaluation of the success and impact of their product through product testing. Built into the design cycle is explicit teaching of approaches to learning, visual communication of ideas and design and systems thinking.

Years 1-3

In Year 1-3, Digital Design students explore, select and use ICT tools to solve real world problems by creating an original digital solution. They develop practical skills like programming software, manipulating and combining images, text, video and audio, 3 D printing and modeling, robotics and animation.

Years 4-5

In Year 4 and 5, Product Design students explore, select and use different tools and materials like wood, plastic, metals, textiles and electronics to solve real problems by designing solutions. Students develop a series of practical skills such as: cutting and marking accurately, measuring and estimating waste, shaping, finishing, joining and assembly.

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