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Shen Wai International School employs a school counselor for the PYP and MYP programs.

The role of the School Counselor is to be responsive to immediate aspects of learning, developmental, socio-emotional, and psychological needs of students.

Counseling services can include the following:

  • Individual and/or group counseling
  • Conflict resolution and coaching
  • Supporting staff
  • Consultation with families
  • Support and guidance for families; with translation in Mandarin (if required)

Principles of Counseling at SWIS

The School Counselor works to create a safe, secure and trusting relationship with students and their families. Counseling services can:

  • be requested by teachers, students or by parents
  • follow pedagogical decisions taken in accord with the school administration
  • The school counselor collaborates with teachers, administrators, and families to discuss and plan for student needs.
  • The counseling program aids students with comprehensive support for personal growth and development, this can include developing competencies in decision making, personal responsibility, interpersonal relationships related to the I.B learner profiles
  • The school counselor provides information necessary for prevention, intervention and crisis response services.
  • The school counselor may also suggest referrals to external community agencies for more detailed assessment and available to assist with accessing this professional support

Counseling sessions can be arranged according to needs and availability.

Contact information:
Ronald Moore, Head School Counselor: ronald.moore@swis.cn


Counseling services initiated by the student, parents or school will have agreed-upon and clearly understood boundaries of confidentiality. Any information divulged through or by the counseling program will be treated as confidential, except when a failure to disclose information could be detrimental to a student's or others personal wellbeing.

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