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SWIS Summer School(SSS)

The SWIS Summer School (SSS) is a program that provides students with a dynamic environment for students to learn and have fun during the summer holidays.

Registration for the SWIS Summer Program is non-compulsory and is open to all students currently enrolled at SWIS from Kindergarten through to MYP.

Please review the course information and register at the links provided below.

Thank you!

Contact – Lucy Ringrose, Parent Relations and Activities Coordinator.


General Information

Registration procedure

  • Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Please only apply for classes that correspond to your child’s current grade level – registrations will automatically be deleted if the child is not in the grade currently.
  • Registration may ONLY be completed using the SSS Online Registration link via the school website. Parents or Students may not register by email, or directly with teachers.
  • Once the registration is done, parents/students will receive an automatic confirmation email. (If you did not receive this confirmation email, please check your Spam Folder.)
  • The Automatic Confirmation to Email will contain information about when and where to make payment – please note the final registration is only concluded once the payment is has been made.
  • Payment must be made within the specified dates at the SWIS finance office in cash.  Failure to make payment during the payment period will result in loss of position within the class.
  • No refund can be made after the payment is completed.

Enrollment / Attendance / Cancelation Policy:

  • If fewer than the minimum required number of participants register for a SSS course, the SSS Coordinator reserves the right to cancel the course for that session.
  • Students do not have the option to take trial courses.
  • Students wishing to drop a course must provide written confirmation to the administration.
  • Behavior / Attendance: The SWIS Summer School Courses are part of the school program and students must respect the SWIS Code of Conduct.   We expect all students and their parents/guardians to behave in a manner that is safe and appropriate. If a student behaves in a way that the staff believes to be unsafe or inappropriate, SWIS reserves the right to expel or temporarily exclude a student for repeated or extreme misbehavior. In the event of expulsion or exclusion, no refund will be issued.
  • Once registered attendance is mandatory. Students must be on time, be prepared, and motivated for the course.

What to bring, wear to SSS

  • Children are NOT required to wear SWIS uniform.
  • Comfortable shoes suitable for moving around - we recommend sneakers, Crocs, or any supportive shoe with a blackstrap. No flip flops, please.
  • Please bring a water bottle for your child.
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