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Library News and Auction Action!
Posted 12/02/2016 01:33PM

Quality student artwork has adorned the library, and the parent book club, SWISLit members have enjoyed literary discussions. Next week we are looking forward to a visit by award winning author and illustrator Suzanne Bloom and a Scholastic Book Fair.

Using the funds from last year's auction, the SWIS community has built another Library in Cuoshong Village Primary School, located in Cuoshong village, Tso Zhou Township, Jianzhang County, Huang Nan Prefecture, Qinghai Province. The village is 20km away from the Jianzhang County and the School has 50 students with 4 teachers coming from four villages. The school runs four grades at the moment. All the students are from farming families, thus, most of their family members are illiterate and they are making a living by farming and working at construction sites temporarily.

The average annual family income is assessed to be no more than 5,000RMB to spend on daily expenses and education etc. It is not enough. Since the school is a small village school, there is limited support from the Government and the school facilities are very poor. Most of the students do not have text books and they have to share with each other (see picture above). The schools teachers said they have been hoping for a library for the students for many years, and one that the teachers could also use.

Thank You Letter from the School:

Dear SWIS Family,

Greetings from Cuoshong Primary School! We are here to confirm that we have received your donation of books for both the teachers and the students. We received your concern and encouragement with the books and we are here to promise that students and teachers from Cuoshong School will use the books so that your support and concern do not go waste. Because of our distant location and financial pressure, we could hardly have access to resources and opportunities. With the library supported by you we believe our school condition would get better in the future. Thanks for your support and generosity and we are so happy to receive the books.

Thanks again!
From Wangjie

Building on this success if you would like to be a part of this year's auction planning team please sign up here. This year we have a goal to support 30 girls and build 3 more libraries and 3 greenhouses. March is right around the corner.

So get in on the SWIS Auction action!

SWIS图书馆近期举办了很多活动。五年级学生把图书馆变成了"真人博物馆",来自康奈尔学院的教授为MYP学生介绍了未来在美国继续深造的机遇,深圳本土著名的童话故事演讲家夏冰先生给SWIS幼儿园大班至三年级学生带来了精彩的中文故事,学生的优秀作品装点了图书馆,SWIS文学会的家长成员们喜爱大家的精彩讨论。下周,我们热切盼望另一位图书馆嘉宾的到来,她是知名作家兼插画师苏珊娜·布卢姆(Suzanne Bloom)。同时,我们也将举办学乐书展。








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