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Posted 09/18/2017 10:22AM

After a busy few weeks cataloguing thousands of new books, and reorganizing learning spaces and resources, the SWIS Library opened for browsing and borrowing on Monday 4 September, which was great timing because on Friday 8 September it was International Literacy Day.

The EY & PYP classes each have a scheduled 45-minute lesson in the library every week – check SeeSaw for your child's library day. With greater independence, MYP & DP students are encouraged to organize time, in addition to any classroom visits, to browse and borrow from the extensive collection.

In addition to scheduled visits, the library is open before school, during the lunch break and after school.

All students must return books, or renew loans, before they are overdue. Overdue notices and invoices for non-returned books will be distributed regularly. Please ensure your EY & PYP child returns, or renews loans on their library day, if not before, every week. MYP & DP students must observe due dates and independently manage the responsibility of returning books. See the 2017/18 Library Policy for full details of replacement costs for non-returned books.

The library is open until 4.45pm Monday – Thursday, and 4pm on Friday. To ensure adequate supervision by Library Staff, the 3rd floor is closed after 4pm every day. After this time, visitors may return and borrow books, and use library facilities on the fourth floor. There are three designated spaces on the fourth floor available for study after school:

  • EY & PYP students have access to the Library Classroom
  • MYP students can use the non-carpeted open space
  • DP students have exclusive use of the DP Study Room

From 2017 parents are invited to apply for their own borrowing account in the SWIS Library. Parents may no longer borrow using student accounts as this restricts student loan quotas. Application forms are available in the library. Parent volunteers are truly appreciated in the library. If you have one hour to spare a week, or ten, you will be warmly welcomed. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate you are an active member of the SWIS School Community, and support student learning. No experience necessary, full training provided.

While we welcome and encourage the entire school community to visit the Library, there are guidelines that must be adhered to. All EY & PYP students are to be accompanied, and directly supervised by an adult at all times before or after school. Children who are being noisy, or disruptive will be asked to leave the library. There is to be no food or drink consumed in the library. Computer use, on fixed PCs, laptops or tablets, is restricted to school related tasks. Gaming is prohibited in the Library.

From 2017, the SWIS Library is a designated 'No Phone Zone'. This applies equally to students and parents. Phones must be switched to silent. If you need to use your phone, please leave the library, ensuring no EY & PYP aged children are left unsupervised. Parents are role models for children. In the library, parents have the opportunity to model positive reading habits, you can either read with your child, or relax and read a book for your own pleasure.

When leaving the library, it is imperative the library is left in a tidy manner – return books to shelves, push in chairs, straighten furnishings, remove all belongings. This demonstrates your care of School property and consideration for others.

The library is the hub of learning at SWIS and the Library Team aims to enrich the lives of the members of the SWIS community through reading related experiences. Do yourself a favor and check out the SWIS Library soon.

URL: http://library.swis.cn/

Please familiarize yourself with the 2017/18 Library Policy







  • 学前班与小学生可以使用图书馆教室。
  • MYP学生可以使用四楼非地毯大堂
  • DP学生有专用学习室

2017学年起我们邀请家长们到图书馆开设自己的借阅账号。家长们不可以再用学生的帐号借阅书籍因为这样会影响孩子的借阅数量。 家长申请表格可从图书馆拿取。我们非常感谢来图书馆帮忙的家长义工们,如果您每周有一个小时或十个小时,无论长短,我们都热烈欢迎。这也是一种积极参学校事务,支持孩子学习的方式。义工不需要任何经验,我们会给大家充分培训。






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