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Welcome Back! The books missed you!
Posted 08/31/2018 09:53AM

What a fabulous start to the year. SWIS warmly welcomed many new students and staff this first week. It was a wonderful start to the year with old friends reuniting and new friendships being made.

In the library, Ms. Sharon Lin, Ms. Julie Liu and Ms. Clare Farrow welcomed Mrs. Maria Chaytor as a new team member. She will be the Secondary Teacher Librarian, Extended Essay and Personal Project Coordinator at SWIS and looks forward to helping SWIS students and staff with the challenges of the IB curriculum, especially in promoting robust research skills and forging new partnerships within the community.

Left to Right: Ms. Sharon Lin, Ms. Clare Farrow, Mrs. Maria Chaytor and Ms. Julie Liu.

We hope that you will find the SWIS Library a serene and welcoming space for your reading pleasure and learning. We expect that you will visit often. Don't forget to borrow a book for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) during Advisory on Fridays!

A reminder that our Library opening times are:

8:10am till 4:45pm Monday to Thursday

8:10am till 4:00pm Friday

All borrowing and library services are finalized five minutes before the close of day.

To refresh you on our Library Expectations, we request for the courtesy and safety of all - enter the Library silently and use your 'inside voice' when collaborating with others. If moving around the Library, please walk. You are responsible for your personal property at all times.

Please refrain from eating or drinking in the library. Cellphones should not be seen and ringtones to be set on silent or vibrate. Please take your calls/texting out to the "cellphone zones"

Only use social networking or gaming (including 'How to' videos) in the library for school education purposes as directed and supervised by your Teacher.

Use furniture appropriately and return it to its original place if you move it please.

Children are to be supervised at all times. PYP students can visit the Library after school only if accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. MYP and DP students you are welcome any time after school and please follow instructions given by the Library Teachers as needed.

The bathrooms located at the back of the library are for Staff/Parent or Guardian use only.

Please feel free to see any of our Library Teachers should you need assistance when using our Library. Wishing you many happy hours of reading this year! Let your imaginations bloom!

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