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Uncle Mo visited SWIS on Wednesday November 14th
Posted 11/19/2018 09:28AM

Uncle Mo visited SWIS this Wednesday and gave us a wonderful stage play of the picture book Peter and the wolf. He also popularized the knowledge of symphony. SWIS community felt so pleased and entertained by his visit.

November is Shenzhen's Literacy Month. It has become one of the most influential events in the city and every year the city organizes many spectacular activities to celebrate this cultural banquet. This year, with the sponsorship from the Education Bureau, Uncle Mo, our good friend, the famous story teller, visited SWIS and gave us a fantastic audio-visual feast.

Peter and the wolf is a symphonic fairy tale for children. It is a musical composition written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. It is Prokofiev's most frequently performed work, and one of the most frequently performed works in the entire classical repertoire. Uncle Mo recomposed it into a Chinese musical story and spreads it to children with the knowledge of symphony.

He introduced the instruments that would be played as the background music for different characters in the story. Then he invited the famous radio host Ms. Yang, who is working for Shenzhen Fei Yang 971, to tell the story by playing different characters via changing their voices. Our SWIS audience was impressed by their marvelous performance.

It was a great chance to let the SWIS community watch Uncle Mo's performance and some have already become his fans. We look forward his visit again with his next Production in the near future.

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