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Principal's Letter to Parents - 2019-01-11
Posted 01/11/2019 01:24PM

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready for a fun and eventful January.

January 21st marks the end of Semester One and this provides a perfect opportunity for reflection and goal setting for teachers, students and parents alike. Your child's report is released January 25th and this will provide points to discuss in the PYP Three-Way Conference scheduled for January 28th. Please remember the effort grade is as important as the achievement grade and someone giving their best is to be applauded. Please talk with your child before the conference to hear their perspective on what they feel they need to work on academically and socially and their achievements so far.

MAP tests are conducted week beginning 18th and these will be distributed at the end of the 3 Way conferences. A parent meeting will be held to share how to read the MAP report and school's progress to date. This will be scheduled on the date of the conference.

If your child is not meeting grade level expectations academically or socially, the teachers will contact you before 3 Way Conference to make a longer appointment. There are many factors that can influence student achievement and teachers ensure plans are put in place to facilitate optimum success. Your positivity in this is one of the greatest factors.

Chinese New Year Holiday begins 1st February and this will provide an ideal opportunity to discuss and make plans for next semester goals. To aid your helping with social development, we have compiled a student expectations booklet, which will be mailed to you directly on the Seesaw. The more you can mirror our expectations at home, the easier it is for your child to find success behaviorally at school.

Please ensure you check Seesaw and WeChat to see logistics for 3 Way Conference Day next week. As always, I am happy to meet with you should you wish to discuss anything.

SWIS community will celebrate Chinese New Year, January 30th and you are invited to share the festivities from 1pm that afternoon. We hope you can attend.

Important dates in January:

  • January 18th – Grade 3 Production /Semester 1 Ends
  • January 25th – Reports Released
  • January 28th – 3 Way Conference
  • January 30th – Chinese New Year Celebration
  • January 31st – Grade 1 Unit Celebration

Dates of other Grade Level Unit Celebration

  • Kindergarten – June 13th
  • Grade 1 – January 31st
  • Grade 2 – May 15th
  • Grade 3 – June 19th
  • Grade 4 – June 20th

Wishing you all great Chinese New Year Vacation!

Anna Laurenson

Early Years and Primary Principal

Shen Wai international School

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