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Chinese Drama Night - Goodbye Black Friday
Posted 01/18/2019 12:49PM

The 3rd MYP Chinese Drama Night Goodbye Friday happened in SWIS theatre on 16th Jan. This year, we invited experienced directors from Shenzhen Foreign Language School to help us supervise student actors and actress from Grade 6 to Grade 8. Focus on the bully and growing pains, our show is close to students' daily lives. We have got off a good start, the atmosphere of our show is very warm, and we earned recognition from present teachers, students, and parents.

This year, we spent four months to rehearse and practice, during which time we did mass selection among MYP students, scripts revision and some other stage-related parts. All performers and supervisors tried to demonstrate their skills fully during rehearsal. Students worked with teachers to write and revise scripts together, performers tried to figure out the characteristics of roles and hone their skills. SWIS logistics and IT department also highly support our performance. They help to prepare furniture and provide technical support timely. Chinese Drama worked with SWIS Dolphins Club this year, all proceeds will be donated to build a SWIS Stilt Observatory on the sea of Qinzhou, Guangxi to help protect Chinese White Dolphins.

We are pleased to invite Mr. Gong, Ms. Wu, and Mr. Li coming to watch our performance and cheer for all our performers. Ms. Wu appreciated all the efforts from MYP Chinese department and SWIS Dolphins Club, present students and teachers overwhelmingly respond to our show. Many thanks to all our performers, supervisors, and volunteers, and we hope the Chinese Drama Club would become better and better.

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