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Director's Letter to Parents 2019-01-18
Posted 01/18/2019 01:04PM

18 January 2019

Dear Parents,

January 18th is the end of Semester One. Thank you to all of you for another successful semester at SWIS! I would like to highlight some efforts and progress we have made at SWIS this past semester:

Update on university acceptance. Many of our 32 Seniors have already received early acceptances to world renown universities in the UK (including one acceptance into University of Cambridge), America, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong and Mainland China (Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University). Our Seniors should expect to receive more acceptances as universities release scheduled acceptance letters, and as they still need to prepare for the Mock Exams in February and the DP Official Exams in May, we will publish acceptances after our Seniors make final decisions regarding where they will study next year.

PYP Math Workshop

Teacher professional development. For PYP two leading consultants have visited SWIS to deliver professional development on IB Math and Reader Writer Workshop. For MYP and DP we have run internal professional development workshops that covered a range of topics such as differentiation, MYP unit planning, assessment, English Language learners, Extended Essays, Personal Projects, etc.

Peer Observation

Student Expectations Booklet

Feedback for teaching and learning. Across the school we are encouraging peer observation of teaching in addition to observation by the Principals and the Coordinators as a useful tool in providing feedback. To this end we are also planning to conduct student surveys of teachers. Today we started the 2nd MAP tests of the year and we are looking to expand MAP tests across the school in future to provide more immediate and actionable feedback for teachers.

Student behavior and advisory program. In PYP we have seen improved behavior and manners –right from entering school with Good Morning to Please and Thank You in the lunchroom. A student expectations booklet was compiled and will be sent to parents. In MYP and DP a Grade Level Mentor System is implemented. The Grade Mentors have been effective in coordinating and implementing the advisory program for the respective grade level.

SWIS Robotics

SWIS-Han Coalescence Inaugural Exhibition Opening

STEAM, creativity and arts education. We have been combining STEAM education with our students' class learning and competitive robotics events. We have several SWIS Robotics teams and a FRC team that are comprised of both our younger and senior students. To enhance the goal of 21st Century education, the SWIS HAN Gallery was open in November and while its inaugural exhibition is still being displayed, we are now planning to hold a Secondary School International Visual Art Exhibition in our Gallery in April.

Parent Workshop

Parent workshops. In addition to workshops that help parents understand our curriculum, teaching in subjects and assessments, we have held a number of workshops on behavior, routines and expectations, technology and parenting. These workshops proved to be practical and meaningful in the SWIS context.

SWIS Boys Basketball Team (SWIS Gym)

Winter-Celebration (SWIS Sports Field)


Acamis Logo

Activities and events. Our Theater, the Library, the Gym, the Pool and the Field were fully booked for events that were warmly supported by our parents. Now a member of ACAMIS, we are exploring more opportunities for our students to compete in sports and academic competitions. I also would like to extend our appreciation to our teachers and coaches who led these activities and to the SWIS PTA for enhancing our school culture and bringing the community together.

(Three-Way Conference)

A reminder that our Three-Way Conferences are to be held on Monday 28th January and after that we look forward to seeing you at the Chinese New Year Celebration on Wednesday 30th January.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!


Ally Wu


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