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Chinese Drama "Glorious Dunhuang" Preparations Underway
Posted 01/25/2019 01:38PM

At midday on January 17th, preperations for the Chinese drama "Glorious Dunhuang" were held for the first time at SWIS. Ms. Ariel Chen told the children about the history of Dunhuang which was an important town on the Silk Road. More than 100 years ago, Dunhuang was a desolate land that was unguarded until the 1940s, when Mr. Chang Shuhong, who studied in France, stumbled upon an old book stand by the river Seine in Paris. Mr. Chang Shuhong discovered a book called the "Dunhuang Grottoes Catalogue". He was amazed that there was such wonderful artistic treasures discovered in the desert of his motherland and decided to return to China to study in Dunhuang. The story begins with his temporary internship manager.

In the afternoon on January 22nd, the "The Glorious Dunhuang" crew held their first role allocation meeting. The children were aware of their role positioning and drama distribution. Each child must participate in two or more performances. The children's enthusiasm and excitement made their teachers more confident in guiding them when rehearsing "The Glorious Dunhuang" production.

The props team also started their preparation for the production. They used Chinese painting materials to make the props. We enjoy seeing the children making such a great effort and doing a wonderful job.

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