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A Letter from the Deputy Director (Operations)
Posted 01/25/2019 01:48PM

25th January, 2019

A Letter from the Deputy Director (Operations)

Dear SWIS Parents:

As we wave goodbye to 2018, we welcome 2019 with new hopes for the future.

May you have an abundant and wonderful New Year!

I would like to share with you some information about the school operations in the upcoming New Year:

Campus Safety

A school attack was reported recently in a primary school in Beijing. It has drawn the attention of the school leadership team. At SWIS, campus safety is our top priority at all times. SWIS has an established Health and Safety Committee and a Child Protection Committee. Each committee has made a series of health and safety policies such as the Campus Access Policy, the Emergency Response Guide and the Child Protection Policy. The school conducts the emergency evacuation and lockdown drills. Students' safety awareness has been greatly improved.

As SWIS parents, you are required to follow the school's health and safety policies and procedures. You should present your own parent ID card to access or leave the campus. Parent ID cards must not be shared. Anyone failing to present proper ID will be questioned by the guards and possibly denied further access to SWIS.

Traffic Safety

The traffic volume is very heavy at the front gate during the morning and after school rush hours. SWIS has continued to work closely with the Traffic Bureau to strengthen the traffic controls to keep everyone safe and reduce traffic congestion.

To accomplish this goal, it is essential that parents do their part by following traffic rules and driving with respect. Please do not stop the car in the outside traffic lane to drop off or pick up SWIS students. This type of pick up and drop off is unsafe and causes traffic jams.

Facility Development

SWIS has annually upgraded its facilities to support the implementation of the IB Programme. In the summer of 2019, SWIS plans to renovate the football pitch, the Early Years and Primary Library, the Kindergarten common area, the Grade 1-2 common area and the swimming pool. These types of investments demonstrate SWIS's commitment to building and maintaining a world-class facility to conduct its teaching and learning.


SWIS greatly appreciates the contribution and enthusiasm of its parents during the development of the school. The 2019-2020 admissions process has already begun:




The 2019-2020 Re-enrolment Letter was sent to all returning students


The payment of 2019-2020 placement deposit for returning students is closed


The online application for 2019-2020 admissions is closed


Early Years (Pre-K) Assessment Date


Primary (KG to Grade 5) Assessment Date


Secondary (Grade 6-12) Assessment Date


The payment of the balance of the tuition fees for returning students is closed

With the support of parents, SWIS will continue to be a world-class international school.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mingshan Li

Deputy Director (Operations)

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