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A Letter from the Deputy Director (Academics)
Posted 02/02/2019 08:18AM

January 31st, 2019

As I write this newsletter update, the school is busy putting the final touches on SWIS's 2019 Chinese New Year celebration. I would like to thank all of the teachers, support staff, parents and students for all of their preparation for this major SWIS event.

SWIS 3-Way Conferences

Your child's education is a 3-way partnership between you, your child and the school. The SWIS Three-Way Conferences, held on January 28th, was an opportunity for these partners to meet, review performance and set goals for the next semester. I was very encouraged to see so many families participate in the conference day. Please note that communication should never be restricted to conference days. If you require more time to discuss any arising issues with your child's teachers, feel free to make an appointment with them to start or continue the conversation.


The SWIS PTA annually changes at the end of the first semester. This scheduled change allows for the PTA to maintain a seamless transition from one year to the next. Our new PTA has been formed and includes 19 members. We are very happy to have Ms. Cindy Zhu leading the PTA as President. We also very happy to welcome back Ms. Maria Quinonez as the PTA Vice President. Thank you to our outgoing PTA for their energy and dedication to SWIS.

Standardized Testing

SWIS uses a number of standardized tests to measure student growth and program strength. This information is used by teachers to target instruction and ensure that each student is growing academically. It is also used by school leaders to improve instructional programs.

Parents in Grades 1-6 have recently received the results of the MAP math standardized test. Teachers will be using these results to better target each student's math learning.

Our next series of standardized tests are the ISAs which will be held on February 20th -21st. The ISAs are a set of tests that measure reading, math and two forms of writing. SWIS students in Grades 3-9 will sit for these tests. As always, the best way to prepare for these standardized tests is to ensure that your child has a good night's sleep before the test day.

DP Mock Exams

Our SWIS DP2 students will return from the Chinese New Year break to begin their DP Mock Exams. This set of exams is preparation for the final DP2 exams that will be held in May. The Exam Room is located on the Building A, 3rd Floor Terrace. We ask that all students, teachers and parents respect this area so that our DP students have a quiet calm area to complete their exams.

Heading into the Holidays...

As you and your child head into the holidays, my advice for holiday homework remains the same: Use the holidays to break out of the school routine for a short time. Travel, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, read, learn a new skill, exercise, eat slower, sleep in a little more. Please be very mindful with your child's technology use over the break. Books, sketch pads, journals, board games, arts and crafts, outdoor activities are all great alternatives to gaming, texting and Youtube/Youku.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Daniel Legault

Deputy Director (Academics)

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