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Ms. Yamin Ma, an expert in teaching Chinese, visits SWIS
Posted 03/08/2019 01:30PM

SWIS is very honored to invite Ms. Yamin Ma to visit our school on December 4, 2018, January 25 and February 27, 2019.

Ms. Yamin Ma is the author of the "Chinese Made Easy" and the "Easy Steps to Chinese" series, which are the most popular Chinese textbooks used in international schools around the world. Ms. Ma has rich experience of teaching Chinese in an international context for more than 20 years and is extremely knowledgeable in regards to various exams. Such exams include IGCSE in the UK, the HSK in Mainland China, AP in the USA, the IB (International) programme and more. She has profound knowledge and unique insights of the curriculum design and Chinese language teaching of near-native, second and foreign language courses in international schools.

During her visits to our school, Ms. Yamin Ma observed several Chinese lessons of primary and secondary levels, and provided one-to-one feedback to Chinese teachers with positive and constructive advice and suggestions, which are valuable and helpful to our Chinese teachers. She gave guidance to the teachers of teaching Chinese-as-a-foreign language when they were preparing lessons. Then Ms. Ma demonstrated how to teach the lesson, which proved to be effective though it was quite fast-paced. All our teachers feel that Ms. Ma showed her professionalism, dedication and a strong sense of responsibility when working with our teachers.

The 2nd Innovative Chinese Teaching Conference will be held in SWIS.

The 2nd Innovative Chinese Teaching Conference (ICT Conference), organized by Ms. Yamin Ma will be held at SWIS on May 25, 2019. Ms. Ma came to SWIS discussing the preparation for the Conference with Ms. Ally Wu and Mr. Mingshan Li.

All the presenters for the 2nd ICT Conference are selected and some SWIS Chinese teachers are honored to be presenters at the upcoming conference. Ms. Ma is providing on-going guidance to the presenters in the process of their preparation for their presentations.

The main themes of the 2nd ICT Conference are as follows:

  • What is the essence of the actual teaching in the classroom? Chinese teachers need to reflect on their usual classroom teaching pedagogies. Besides students' experience of learning Chinese and exposure to Chinese culture, how to make teaching effective needs to be explored.
  • How to absorb the essence of Chinese and Western teaching pedagogues? Both Chinese and the Western education have effective teaching characteristics. How to make Chinese and Western teaching methods effectively used in Chinese language teaching are worthy topics for discussion.
We wish the 2nd Innovative Chinese Teaching Conference to be successful at SWIS!!

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