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Update: University Applications
Posted 03/22/2019 01:55PM

As of March 18th, 45% of seniors have received offers from universities and colleges in which they have applied. March will also be an exciting month for students receiving offers from American schools. Almost all offers from America will be received by April 1st. Other countries have different application processes and timelines from that of America and the UK and may not be sent to students until May if not later within the year. Offers will remain pending until students complete their senior year and achieve similar academic results in which they applied. In the UK, offers will remain pending until the completion of the IB examinations, in order to compare the results from mock and final exams, which will be graded this coming July.

Anxiety can be prominent in a lot of students due to these alternative timelines from universities around the world. We practice mindfulness with students on a daily basis in order to teach them the skills for coping with the stress and pressures associated when applying to schools.

Here are some tips to help your child alleviate some of the pressures and anxiety they may be feeling at this strenuous time in their application process:

1. SWIS only allows students to apply to 10 universities. Those that made calculated and informed choices with the assistance of the school counselor have already received and continue to receive offers from various schools worldwide. Apply to schools that best meet your skills and interests, and you will have more school acceptances than rejections.

2. Applying to schools that have early application rounds will relieve the stress and anxiety your child may be facing as application offers are sent earlier than other schools. In the UK, offers are sent within a few weeks of submitting applications. American ED and EA send out their results around December and January. Students can be finished with applications much earlier if they are accepted within the early round of admissions.

3. Spend time with the school counselors. We have the expertise and best advice when it comes to advising you which schools to apply and that best fit you, your needs and your interests. Working together will relieve the pressure away from you and your family, and allows us greater opportunities to advocate on your behalf to admission officers in different schools.

SWIS is already reaping the rewards from multiple students making calculated choices upon receiving guidance from the counselors at SWIS. It is very satisfying to know that the student's hard work is acknowledged and appreciated by these various schools. We assist students to help control their application process which helps build their character and self-worth. Stay informed as offers continue to be sent out to students by visiting the counselors at SWIS and attending regular counselor workshops and talks throughout the year.

We are very proud of our students here at SWIS and the hard work in which they have produced. We wish each and every student the very best in their application process.

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