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2019 SWIS IBDP Visual Art Exhibition
Posted 03/22/2019 02:10PM

On March 12th, between 5 pm and 7 pm, Shen Wai International School hosted the opening of the 2019 SWIS IBDP Visual Art Exhibition titled "Epiphany". The event displayed the work of six different artists, all from grade 12, following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Miss. Jing Lei and Mr. Rongwei Li from OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, artist Miss. Li Zhou and Mr. Feng Xue were present at the opening ceremony. The exhibition will run until March 29th. Please contact SWIS for the exhibition opening times and more information.

This event was a culmination of two years' worth of work. Within this large exhibition space, they have created their own distinct narratives. Personal concepts and themes have been extensively explored throughout the two years. Every space has a message, idea, or story to tell and the unique nature of each space helps to showcase art's universal ability to communicate.

Students were able to work in the SWIS-Han Gallery, giving high school students the opportunity to curate a professional exhibition. One student wrote, "We put in a lot of work and it was worth it. Although we curated an exhibition last year, we didn't have the space we do this year. The gallery made curating much easier, and the final result and atmosphere much better". Many other exams will take place in the coming months however; Visual Art is so unique that it relies heavily on creativity and student direction compared to other examinations. Students were able to take learning into their own hands and create an exciting Exhibition.

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