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Updates from the Diploma Programme:
Posted 03/29/2019 01:51PM

DP2 (Grade 12):

Just in time for spring break, Grade 12 (DP2) students find themselves nearing the end of their internal assessments (IAs). Over the last few weeks' students have submitted formal IA work to the IBO in mathematics, the arts, sciences, business and psychology. Teachers in the DP have urged students to keep their 'foot on the pedal' – "don't let up just yet" – as they head into the spring break holiday. The chance for students to get caught up on well-deserved rest is important for them going into the final stretch of their lives as DP students.

In Grade 12 (DP2) advisory, students have recently completed reflection and planning activities designed to assist them in putting together their own study schedules for the month of April. Advisors have guided students through a reflection tool that encourages them to contemplate, prioritize, organize and act. Now it's up to students to manage their time and continue to take care of themselves as learners.

When Grade 12 (DP2) students return to school on April 8, they will have 17 days of an irregular spring schedule that mixes contact time and DP teachers with some individual study blocks. They will have a regular advisory block each day, and teachers across the secondary also have put together various activities and mindfulness breaks to keep students mentally and physically balanced. These programs of support should give the SWIS Senior an opportunity to achieve their best.

DP1 (Grade 11)

The last few weeks for the Grade 11 (DP1) students have been filled with a number of events inside and outside of school. One of the big events tied to our DP curriculum was the (2nd annual) "Extended Essay Defense Day," which gave students an opportunity to present any research completed so far for their EE projects. Students were divided into similar-subject panels and took the Wednesday morning last week to present their research designs, and receive feedback from their peers, EE supervisors and DP teachers.

In the afternoon students visited a research workshop at Shenzhen University to hear from professional researchers committed to a handful of disciplinary fields. The opportunity to visit a university and be inspired by the ideas of other researchers gave students a moment to reflect on their own work while seeing how others approach big projects of open-inquiry.

The "EE Defense Day" tradition at SWIS gives students vital feedback before they get swallowed-up by the many summative assessments that make up the end of semester. Now, students in DP1 should have a handle on their idea, and know how they will go about completing the next stages. Students are expected to use the summer break as an opportunity for writing the bulk of their Extended Essay – a completed draft is due October 8, 2019.

With only double-digit-days remaining in the 2018-2019 academic school year, the Diploma Programme at SWIS continues to hum along. Thanks to all the incredible teachers who continue to work so hard for our DP students. It's their commitment to students each day that makes our programme so strong.

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