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SWIS School Director Makes Inspiring Speech at the 2019 IB Global Conference
Posted 03/29/2019 02:00PM

The IB Global Conference is a platform where high-profile speakers within the IB sector present their ideas and experiences that have inspired them throughout their careers. The conference offers teachers a chance to meet, engage and share experiences with other IB educators from all over the world. They gather in order to discover new ideas related to the IB programme, learn from IB practitioners, reflect on their own practice, and leave feeling inspired upon returning to their schools.

The IB Asia-Pacific annual conference this year took place in Hong Kong between March 24th and March 26th. Ms. Ally Wu, our school director, was invited to be one the keynote speakers, presenting on the morning of the 25th of March during the plenary session, which has made her the first IB practitioner of Chinese nationality, to deliver a keynote speech during an IB Global Conference. It is remarkable that for the first time a Chinese IB educator gets to deliver such an inspiring and motivational keynote speech at such a well respected and established global conference.

Ms. Wu's speech was a huge success. Numerous educators from all over the world commented that they felt they could relate, were encouraged, and inspired by Ms. Wu's speech. Ms. Wu's speech not only encouraged those at the conference but also parents and students where Ms. Wu spoke on the importance of being an agent of change. During her speech, Ms. Wu also shared her personal story as the founding director of SWIS, the ups and downs she had to go through, the challenges she faced, the inspiration she received from the role models around her, and the actions she and her team had taken in order to thrive. She also shared the ripple effect it caused within the SWIS community, ranging from Pre-K to Grade 12 students, who have chosen to be agents of change and make our world a better place.

Ms. Wu's speech has set a very positive image of SWIS, as a young energetic IB world school, and greatly promoted the school within the IB arena.

All these overwhelmingly positive comments and feedback are the true reflection of the great endeavors every member of the SWIS community has been doing and continues to do. As Ms. Wu humbly said, "If my speech was a successful one, the most important reason to note is the journey that the SWIS community set upon together. I hope that sometime in the future I will be able to return to speak at such a wonderful conference to highlight more in regards to the fantastic work the SWIS community has done in the past and continues to do whilst looking towards the future. For this reason, I would like to express my sincere thanks to each and everyone of you."

Thank you everyone, to the students, parents, teachers and entire SWIS community. I wish you all a well-deserved and restful Spring Break!

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