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PYP Art Exhibition – April 10 2019 – PYP艺术展 - 2019年4月10日
Posted 04/12/2019 02:16PM

Recently, the Visual Arts department showcased the outstanding work of PYP students in what was a most wonderful, colorful and amazing visual display. During the student-led conferences, many parents visited the display to see the student work.

The Grade One students displayed work based on body systems, using the work of Rembrandt as inspiration. Other work at the exhibition looked at compositional balance, collage, and inquired into the work of Britto. Students had been studying different languages and the various countries of the artists.

Grade Two displayed work from recycled materials as they inquired into how artists make an impact in the community. They also looked at how simple shapes can be used to make complex compositions in a transdisciplinary unit with mathematics and kinetic art based on the works of M.C. Escher.

In Grade Three, students created visual works based on conceptual and visual balance. Students chose media based on this understanding, creating visual works based on their inquiry into how a single artwork can have multiple interpretations.

The Grade Four students looked at self-portraits during their inquiry into self-expression. Additionally, they created a mixed media piece based on animals in their unit of inquiry into migration.

The Grade Five display was based on the students' inquiry into an influential artist of their choice. After researching their artist and his or her work, students created an acrylic painting based on their artistic understanding of the artist they chose to study. Students also studied perspective and designed an artwork based on their knowledge and understanding of this concept.

PYP艺术展 - 2019年4月10日







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