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SWIS Literacy Month 2019 Review
Posted 04/19/2019 03:22PM

What does Literacy mean to you? This was the big question that launched SWIS Literacy Month 2019.

The Library Team lead several assemblies on March 1st for PreK to Grade 12. Highlights with Pre-K and Kindergarten included the Choir and Mr. Eugene Leonard with the Library Team dramatizing 'I am NOT going to get up today!' by Dr. Seuss. One of our Security Guards even had to make Mr. Leonard (in his Elmo suit) get up and go to school! Special thanks go to the Choir of 48 students and Ms Sherry Liu for their beautiful rendition of 'A Million Dreams' song by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, lyrics adapted by Ms Clare Farrow for SWIS Literacy Month. The choir sang several times throughout the launch. An amazing effort as they prepared this in their own time for the school over many weeks.

So many events made our March Month fabulous. We had everyone dressed up for the Book Character Parade forming a huge "SWIS © Books" message on our field. A big thank you to Mr. Gower for flying his drone and capturing some great footage. Mr. Peralta and Mr. Mawhinney were our fabulous MCs for the day. 'Breakfasts with a Book' were a big hit with over 150 people turning up over three days for a delicious SWIS breakfast treat and readings by our Library Team. Many children arriving each morning to SWIS Staff and Grade 10 Everreads students sharing their favorite stories over several weeks attended our favorite 'Book Tents'. We are so appreciative of Mr. Franco Rodriguez, Ms. Julie Liu and Ms Tiffany Xia for running Literacy Workshops that were well attended by many parents giving great strategies on encouraging and improving Literacy from home. We ran and entered our first Chinese Battle of the Books competition this year. Special thanks to Ms Julie Liu, Ms Vera Wu and her Team of diligent teachers for preparing the students so well over many months. Once the knockout round took place in the SWIS Library, we sent away two teams away to compete in the first Guangdong area Chinese Battle of the Books Competition. They were awarded Second Place! We are very proud of their efforts. Next year, we will also be entering in the English Battle of the Books and look forward to some more healthy competition by all SWIS students. 'Poem in my Pocket Day' was really sweet with many sharing a favorite Haiku, Sonnet, Limerick or even an Epic Poem! We had a 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' afternoon, where we shared our favorite stories in other languages such as Japanese, Finnish, Afrikaans, Spanish and Bengali. Special thanks to Ms Tuula Webb, Ms Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Ms Lyn O'Connell, Ms Karla Angarita and Santiago, Ms Kumi Legault and her wonderful mom Ms Mari Onari for sharing multicultural perspectives.

Author Melissa Kay from Tanzania visited SWIS. She shared Hide and Seek Hippo with us and gave several presentations whilst here, managing to meet everyone at SWIS. These ranged from Grade group story telling sessions to showing us how to be published and gave great tips for parents and students alike on continuing to develop a love of reading. Special thanks go to Winnie from Grade 10 who interviewed Melissa on stage in front of the Secondary School and also shared her own Personal Project picture book Dear Time, with us and the author. Melissa has left some resources for us to use and will kindly stay in contact with us to continue mentoring our budding writers and illustrators.

Our book SWAP was such a hit that some of our community members wondered if we could do this once a month and to even include toys. This gives us something to think about! Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their pre-loved books. Start collecting again for next year! Special thanks go to Ms Sharon Lin and Ms. Irene Meng who made it magically happen.

We also had Competitions creating Bookmarks, Short Stories and Illustrations. We invited book vendors, had movie nights and book clubs, ran Harry Potter lunch time games with Ms. Clare and Kahoots advisory sessions organized by Ms. April DalBello. Of course, there were many other important events coinciding with our Literacy Month that included the Extended Essay Defense Day and University visit, an Early St Patrick's Day celebration raising funds for Cambodia Orphanage, Captivating Heart Mini Olympics, SWIS Youth@TedX Event, SWIS Spirit Week to name a few. Many thanks to our fabulous Ms Carmen Zeng, Ms. Sam Cai, Mr. Argon Chan, Mr. Leo Chen, Mr. Hiven Ding, Ms. Annie Waterston, Ms. Lucy Lu, Mr. Shane Ryan, Ms. Fritha Jameson for their skills and generous patience with all the many pieces of the jigsaw puzzle they helped put together so that Literacy Month 2019 was a success.

Lastly, may thanks to our students, parents, SWIS Leadership Team and amazing SWIS teachers and staff for their continued support and enthusiasm for making Literacy a focus in our community. Keep enjoying your reading and improving your Literacy. You have a chance to share your love of Literacy with others, we ask that you keep in mind Captivating Organization and sponsor a girl's Education by giving any small amount you can as it will change lives. If you need any help or inspiration please come see us in the SWIS Library!

Best regards,

Maria Chaytor

Lead Librarian

Highlights throughout Literacy Month (See below)

Book Tents Morning Storytime

Book Character Parade

Battle of Books (Language: Chinese)

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