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"Glorious Dunhuang" Chinese Musical Review
Posted 06/20/2019 04:26PM

The "Glorious Dunhuang" Chinese Musical was held at the SWIS Theatre on June 17th and 18th last. In this musical, we told the story of three Dunhuang murals, from Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions (the opening of the Silk Road) in Cave 323, to Zhang Yichao's Unified Army Travel Map (the guardian of the Silk Road) in Cave 156, and then to the music and dance scene of Cave 220 (the prosperity of the Silk Road).

Through the conversations between two librarians and A-nan, the three stories are strung together.

Scene 1: Zhang Qian's Mission to the Western Regions. (North Wall of Cave 323 in the Early Tang Dynasty in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes)

In order to conquer the Huns, Emperor Wudi dispatched Zhang Qian to the Western Regions. After 19 years, Zhang Qian finally completed his mission and the Silk Road was opened.

Scene 2 "Zhang Yichao's Unified Army Travel Map". (Southern Wall of Cave 156 in the Late Tang Dynasty in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes)

Zhang Yichao was originally a prominent family in the Dunhuang area. He guided his troops and then drove out the Tubo forces, making the Silk Road under the control of the Central Tang Dynasty. Appointed by the Tang Dynasty as a temperance envoy of the Guiyi Army (the highest military and political officer in Hexi region), this mural tells the story of his unified army trip.

Scene 3: Music and Dance Pictures (North Wall of 220 Grottoes in Rise Tang Dynasty, Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang)

Under the protection of Zhang Qian and Zhang Yichao, the Silk Road could flourish in the prosperous period of Han and Tang Dynasties, showing a scene of singing and dancing.

We moved the static Dunhuang murals to the dynamic stage in this stage play. It presents scenes of singing and dancing.

The last dance of etiquette. We use this dance of etiquette to show that China has been a nation of etiquette since ancient times. China is willing to treat all guests and friends and embrace the world. The Silk Road in history has been rejuvenated.

Through this stage play, we told the story from Dunhuang murals. The ancient Dunhuang is similar to the environment of our international school, a place of multicultural convergence. From the Dunhuang murals, we can see that ancient India, ancient China, ancient Persia, and ancient Greece's culture and art converge on this ancient Silk Road, just like our current international school environment, with a global perspective, with an inclusive heart to accept all cultures.

The performance of "The Glorious Dunhuang" is a starting point and a chance for us to share Chinese host civilization within international schools. It is hoped that this seed will germinate in the hearts of our children, bring the fine art of China to the whole world and spread the beauty of Chinese art to all people.

Thank you to all the children, parents and teachers that participated!!!

"Glorious Dunhuang" Gallery Highlights

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