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The Ocean's Blues Exhibition Opening
Posted 06/20/2019 04:34PM

On June 18th, the SWIS Han Gallery held the opening ceremony of the 2019 Shenzhen Foreign Languages School Art Exhibition - The Ocean's Blues. For the very first time, this exhibition has invited students from 7 schools in Shenzhen Foreign Languages Education Group to display their artworks together. The exhibition's theme focuses on plastic pollution in our oceans.

The students express their advocation of environmental protection through their artworks. During the opening ceremony, the process of students' making art installations was presented, vivid and interesting. The gallery also invited the participating students and visual art teachers from each branch school to come to the opening ceremony. The Ocean's Blues exhibition is also part of the "2019 International Children's Ocean Festival" which is organized by the Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association.

As an IB school, SWIS has always attached great importance to the concept of global citizenship education. Environmental awareness is an inherent part of the IB philosophy. In the PYP program, one of the six "Units of Inquiry" is called "Sharing the Planet", which leads students to contemplate our co-existence with other living creatures on Earth, and to reflect on the implications of our behavior. "The Ocean's Blues" voices the students' opinions about marine conservation, and urges the public to act positively against the pollution of our oceans.

The exhibition consists of three pieces of art installations and more than 170 paintings, photography and sculptures.

Over 170 art pieces are received from the 7 branch schools, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. Some artworks depict the beauty of life in the ocean, and some illustrate the scene of the environment being contaminated by humans.

The three installation art pieces are collaborative endeavors of over 30 students from SWIS. They are named "Ghost Nets", "Confusion" and "Microplastics". During March and April, an "Upcycle Station" is set up at the SWIS front gate to collect plastic waste from the whole community. The art project timeframe spans over 18 weeks, starting from research and concept development, progressing to material experimentation, and finally the making of the art piece. Through this creative process, they gain more insights into the problem and develop a stronger stance.

The Ocean's Blues Exhibition Highlights

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