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Principal's End of Year Message
Posted 06/28/2019 03:26PM

Deputy Director (Academics) / Secondary Principal End of Year Message

Dear SWIS Community,

I would like to thank all of you for your contribution to a very successful 2018-19 academic year at SWIS.

The 2018-19 academic year marks the graduation of SWIS's first cohort. Our Grade 12 Diploma Programme students have successfully challenged themselves to complete the DP program and secure positions in internationally recognized universities around the world. Their success is the product of a team effort between hard working students, loving parents, and dedicated SWIS teachers and support staff.

This team effort is also flourishing in the PYP and the MYP. Academically, SWIS continues to define itself as a top academic school. External assessments such as the ISA, MAP and PSAT confirm that our students' scores continue to soar. Our pastoral programs ensure that SWIS continues to develop students that align with the IB Learner Profile.

Once, again, our SWIS teams have had significant success on the field, on the court and in the pool. Participation in sports and activities at the school has significantly grown as our community has embraced the SWIS ROC spirit!

I hope the summer break allows all of you to rest, change pace, engage in a passion and prepare for what looks to be an exciting 2019-2020

school year at SWIS.


Daniel Legault

SWIS Deputy Director (Academics) / Secondary Principal

Primary Principal End of Year Message

Dear Parents,

As the academic year closes, I would like to thank you all for your help in making our school such a wonderful place to be. Your children have made good progress academically and MAP, ISA, and internal assessments corroborate teacher feedback. Students confident and happy interactions show they are progressing socially and they have all matured, ready to progress to their next stage of learning. Areas for your child to work on over the summer vacation have been identified in their report card but reading continues to be the best way to help all our children get ahead for the next academic year. Listening to English on Raz Kids and watching movies in English are great ways to help your child if they are not native English speakers. As the time to return gets nearer, please adjust your child's bedtimes to make sure they get the sleep they need and assure them their new teachers are ready and waiting to welcome them to their next grade level.

Some of you have asked how we allocate students to teachers. This is a long process which begins mid-May each year. Teachers provide data for each child covering academic, social, emotional, special things to take into account, and friendship groups. Then we meet as a grade level with myself, Mr. Ringrose, Mr. Moore our counselor, Ms. Christina Valenti our special needs advisor ensuring we put the children into balanced classes with equal distribution of academic and social ranges represented. Reading and writing assessments, math data and an overview of each child's social and academic next steps are already filed and ready for their next teacher to learn about your child.

We want all of the children at SWIS to succeed academically and socially and to make good progress. This is the aim we share with you. Thank you again for trusting us with your most prized possession, happy holidays and looking forward to seeing you in August!

To Mr. and Mrs. Ringrose and family, happy travels and thank you for all you have done for SWIS. Our community is a better place because of your hard work and dedication. To our teachers, your hard work right until the very last day affirms how wonderful you are.

Sincere thanks,

Anna Laurenson

Early Years and Primary Principal

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