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SWIS Pick-Up & Drop-Off Procedures
Posted 08/27/2019 11:44AM

August 23rd, 2019

Dear SWIS Students & Parents:

Welcome back!

In the upcoming academic year of 2019/2020, we will welcome more than 100 new students. The total number of students at SWIS is approaching 1100! Our best estimation is that more than 600 private cars are picking up and dropping off students every day. Therefore, the traffic volume will become much heavier at the front gate during busy times.

SWIS has a pick-up and drop-off system in place and will continue to work closely with the traffic police in order to keep everyone safe and reduce traffic congestion. It is essential that students and parents do their part.

lCars should not wait for passengers. Passengers should wait for cars.

lDrivers should drop off and pick up in the right lane only. DO NOT stop the car in the left lane or between lanes.

lFollow the instructions of the traffic police, parent volunteers, and the SWIS leadership team.

lOnly cross at the intersections. DO NOT walk through the green belts.

It is the responsibility of each individual in the SWIS community to reduce traffic congestion. Please communicate this information to your family, so that everyone has a safe and positive experience.

We look forward to meeting you at SWIS!

Warm regards,

Shen Wai International School

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