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IB Coordinators Office Hours
Posted 09/09/2019 09:13AM

As an IB school, SWIS recognizes that learning is a social endeavor, and as a community, we grow and learn both individually and collectively (IBO, 2019). The lessons students learn at SWIS extend into their homes and the world beyond, and the culture, perspective and makeup of each family help guide and inform all that we do as educators. In acknowledging this bond we share, we recognize the importance of open communication. To better facilitate these conversations, the Primary Years Programme and Early Years and Primary Chinese Curriculum Coordinators are welcoming you to share in our open office hours.

Our goal in setting these office hours is to help give guidance, support, and to provide a space for feedback from our community. As coordinators, we can best provide guidance for curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, and reporting. If you need support, have any questions, or would like to share feedback in any of these areas, please do schedule a time to talk with one of us.

Office Hours

PYP Coordinator

Thursdays: 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Fridays: 8:00 am – 8:30 am
Greg Milholland: gregory.milholland@swis.cn

EY&P Chinese Curriculum Coordinator

Mondays: 2:35 pm - 3:20 pm

Tuesdays: 2:35 pm - 3:20 pm

Tiffany Xia: tiffany.xia@swis.cn

Locations: B202

To Attend

Email the coordinator you would like to meet with a proposed time and an agenda/topic.

If you have a specific concern regarding your child, need immediate help, or need support in an area outside of our area of support, it is best to still arrange a time to discuss with a member of the senior leadership team.

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