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Settling in to the new SWIS Library
Posted 10/27/2016 02:35PM

Everyone has been enthralled watching the progress of the library renovation. As students venture in to browse and borrow, for their lessons, at lunchtime, or after school, they've enjoyed weekly surprises. In particular the new furnishings have been a highlight as children discover comfortable places to sit and read, study, or talk quietly with friends.

The shelves of the SWIS library are steadily being stocked with thousands of brand new books that arrived last week. The boxes are unpacked and there's fiction aplenty for young and old, graphic novels, picture books and non-fiction to quench inquiring minds. It will take a while to process the entire order, but as we know all good things are worth waiting for. We are particularly grateful to the parent and student volunteers who have been extremely generous with their time and energy unpacking boxes and shelving books.

In other news, all students in Grades 3-10 have recently completed an online Literacy Pro Reading Comprehension Assessment to calculate their Lexile level. This is a measure of reading ability that can be used to select reading material that is at an appropriate difficulty level. Student progress can also be tracked over time. Literacy Pro can be accessed via the SWIS Library website where students can choose from an extensive library of digital books, each with an accompanying comprehension quiz. This is yet another reading resource available to SWIS students. There's really no excuse not to be reading!



另一则消息是,三至十年级的所有学生近期都完成了一份在线的阅读理解能力测评。该测评可以有效评判出学生的兰斯阅读级别(Lexile level)。测评是一把标尺,可以衡量学生的阅读能力,进而帮助他们选择相应难度的阅读资料。同时,这一测评也可以有效地实时追踪学生的学习进程。测评可通过SWIS图书馆官网登录。图书馆官网的扩充资料,如电子书等,也是供学生阅读的好资源。对SWIS学生而言,这一测评同样也是很好的阅读资源,不容错过!

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