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1. What are the SWIS application criteria?

In compliance with Chinese government regulations, SWIS only accepts applications from foreign passport /foreign permanent resident holders or residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. To apply for a place at SWIS, the applicant and at least one parent of the applicant must be foreign passport / foreign permanent resident holder or resident from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

2. What is the cut off age for each grade?

The cut-off date for entry into each Grade level is 1st of September. This means that candidates for entry to a year level must have reached the specified age on or before 1st September. 

3. What is the SWIS admissions process?

Admissions process:

  • Apply online:
  • Complete and submit online application form (upload required document on Open Apply).
  • Once the application has been received parents will receive an automatic reply email from the Open Apply system.
  • Vacancy within the grade level will be reviewed(parents will be notified via email when there is a seat available)
  • Student assessment organized.
  • Enrollment Offer/Decline letter sent.

4. What documents and files are required for the application?

Application will not be processed until all forms and documents listed below are submitted. 

  • Completed online application form.
  • Scanned copy of parents’ and student's passport (information page and valid Chinese VISA). 
  • Scanned copy of up-to-date student immunization record.
  • Scanned copy of recent electronic passport sized photo for the student.
  • Scanned copy of the student’s school reports for their most recent school year.
  • For Grade 6 and above applicants, provide current school email address of Mathematics Teacher, English Teacher, Homeroom Teacher or Principal. 

5. Will my child need to take an admissions test?

Students applying to SWIS will be evaluated for their English speaking level as well as their reading, and writing ability. As SWIS wishes to maintain an environment where English is the language of academic instruction, preference is given to those students who are most functional or have the greatest potential to be functional at their Grade level in English.  In addition, an English Mathematics test is required for Grade 2 and above applicant. 

6. Application Deadline:

SWIS strongly recommend early application due to our limited spaces and small class sizes. Late applicants are advised to consult Admissions Office before filing application.

Rolling Admissions:  We accept students throughout the year, although places are subject to vacancy.

7. How much is the tuition fee and meal fee?

Note: Tuition includes all texts and resource materials, software, library and database membership, labs, indoor heated pool, sports and fitness facility access, high speed/wireless internet access and in-school activities. IBDP registration and exams, school uniforms, buses and meals are not included in the tuition. Additional fees may apply for SEN (Special Educational Needs), excursions, after school activities and interscholastic travel.

8. What is SWIS’ curriculum?

The school’s curriculum is grounded in the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme and strives to integrate a holistic world-view with traditional Chinese language and cultural studies. 

9. Where are SWIS teachers from?

As an international school, our teachers are recruited from around the world. Currently, we have teachers from US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Poland, Netherland, Romania, India, Philippines and China. Our teachers are all fully qualified and experienced. 

10. What is the student nationality breakdown?

Our student population is currently made up of 38 nationalities and regions. The top 6 countries and regions are Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Guinea-Bissau and Australia. 

11. What are your class sizes/student-teacher ratios?

Students also enjoy weekly lessons from Specialist Teachers such as Literacy, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Chinese, Art, Music, PE, Dance and Swimming (Subjects varies from different grades). 

12. What are the timings for the school day?

Class begins at 8:30am and ends at 15:30pm. After school activities run from 15.40pm – 16.30 pm.

13. Is SWIS a boarding school?

No student boarding is offered. 

14. Does SWIS have extracurricular activity?

To expand students' creative experiences, and develop further academic skills, SWIS offers an After School Activity (ASA) Program & Weekend Class that aims to develop balanced, open-minded and risk-takings students, who possess a strong sense of responsibility and respect towards themselves, others and the environment. The activities are designed to complement the school program with extracurricular activities that provide students with an opportunity to learn skills beyond the classroom.

15. What holidays does SWIS have every year?

A minimum of 180 School days are guaranteed for an academic year. Holidays: Christmas and Chinese New Year Holiday, Spring Festival, Labor Day Holiday, Dragon Day Festival, Summer Holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese National Day Holiday. Downloadable school calendar available here: School Calendar  

16. What is the language instruction at SWIS?

Our language of instruction at SWIS is English. Language instruction involves the belief that planning, teaching, assessing and reflecting are interconnected processes. Students learn language, through language and about language. 

17. What is SWIS meal plan?

The meal plan for Early Years includes a morning snack, an afternoon snack and a lunch. The meal plan for other grade levels includes a morning snack and a lunch. 

18. What is SWIS meal system?

19. Does SWIS have school bus?

Yes, we have 7 school bus lines in the 2017-2018 school year, which including CBD line, Honey Line, OCT line, Xinzhou Line , Shekou Line, Donghai Line and Houhai Line. 

20. Do students have midday rest every day?

Only Pre-K students have one hour midday rest, other grades have lunch break and play time.

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